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100% Kiwi Business Workbook: Includes 200+ Business Navigation Questions


In this book, you'll receive over 200 questions that New Zealand business owners ask to navigate their business journey.

Whether you're starting a new business, or are already at the helm of a fourth generation kiwi business rarity, the one thing we can all agree to, is the 21st century is ­shaping up to be a whole lot different to the 20th century.

By asking better quality questions and you'll get better quality answers in the face of the unprecedented change that is about to affect us.

The 'stack 'em high, one size fits all' factory model is ­disappearing in front of our eyes, just as a diaspora of interest groups are popping up with needs and desires ready to be fulfilled by businesses like yours.

That change in how we arrange ourselves as a society is ­flowing through to how businesses address those groups, and that is impacting our marketing, our manufacturing and everything else in between.

You can fight to protect the ­status quo (and ultimately lose) or engage in the most important kiwi business revolution of our time.

This is the companion journal to 100% Kiwi Business, which includes the insights and experiences of 100 New Zealand business owners and CEO's from which these questions were derived.

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Ryan L. Jennings

Ryan L. Jennings enjoys playing on the edge of business and technology, and is curious about what happens next.


His non-fiction book 100% Kiwi Business captures the insights of how New Zealanders are doing business in the 21st century. You can listen to them on his podcast the Ryan Marketing Show where he interviews 100 business owners from almost every conceivable industry. 


Jennings is a New Zealand Business Mentor, Adviser, Speaker and Top Writer on Climate Change for the United States Medium Publication.


His latest children's book series The Rainbow Travellers, puts children in control of the world they will grow up in as their decisions decide what happens next. What kind of world will they grow up in? Let your child decide!


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