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A Grave For The Goddess


Norfolk based detective John Bottrell and his partner had been looking forward to a relaxing holiday with old friends in the quiet Cornish village of Saint Maddern. But when the vicar of Saint Maddern is found murdered in the church, there are few clues as to the identity of her assailant, much to the frustration of Bottrell and his ex colleague DCI Ray Sexton. As midsummer day approaches and the local pagans prepare for their 'Day of Harmonic Convergence,' more murders follow, and Bottrell is convinced that there are dark forces abroad in the community. A Cornish murder mystery with an occult twist from the author of Stone Dead and Witch Jar.

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Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones has written several books on folklore, including Occult Cornwall, as well as three fiction books for children – Odin’s Eye and The Dark Entry (the latter co-authored with wife Debbie). He was for 15 years the proprietor of Oakmagic Publications, a British folklore publisher. He has also published four occult crime novels featuring a melancholic, ex-Met detective, John Bottrell. He is also the creator of the Norwich based DCI Ketch, who features in the series, Murder Most Easterly.


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