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A Murderer's Heart


Anne Blake, psychiatrist, is good at her job and believes that even the most sick-at-heart can be cured...or at least saved enough that they can lead a better life.

But maybe she's wrong?

Maybe within a murderer's heart, evil lurks, and nothing can be done except to save yourself?

This murder mystery will sharpen your senses, puzzle your brain and thrill your heart.

I loved the way the tale progressed, with all the unexpected twists and turns. It kept me hooked from the start... Maria Savva

Fast paced page turning all night read. I really enjoyed this mystery, enough suspense to keep me saying...just one more chapter then off to bed... Sheri A Wilkinson

It was nice to read something that the killer wasn't obvious after the first murder... Barbara Ensign

This well-constructed story moves at a fast pace and I found it to be a compelling and entertaining read. It was refreshing to come across a murder mystery that was not full of blood and gore, but was certainly not short on intrigue and suspense... A. E. Thomas

I was hooked from the first chapter. I could not put this book down... Animalspirit

I really enjoyed this book. It was a great whodunit. It kept you guessing til the very peak of it all... Luzmaria

Cover Design: Julie Elizabeth Powell

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Julie Elizabeth Powell

I cannot ignore my dreams, so many of them, with names and places and ideas that spark my imagination and compel me to write; to create stories, whether fantasy or horror, or mystery or psychological thriller or murder or even humour and adventure. So, my garden is sown, flourishing, with all manner of growth, and still the dreams come.

Julie Elizabeth Powell, my soul lingering within my imagination; maybe you’ll join me?

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