A Touch Of Kindness: A Sweet Romance Short Story

by D.H. Gibbs


Mali believes in treating everyone with kindness and charity. In fact, she is known as the Good Samaritan by her work colleagues. While walking through a park on her way home from work, she comes to the aid of a mugging victim. This act of kindness begins a love story that can only end in one way: happily.

Theme of the Book

As noted in the title, A Touch of Kindness convinces us that it costs nothing to be kind and generous, if not with money then with time and sympathy. The kindness Mali shows is returned to her when she learns that giving and receiving kindness are two sides of the same coin.

What I Liked About the Story

This is a retelling of the Cinderella story set in a big city in modern times. Mali, a lowly mailroom clerk, is the generous and caring Cinderella who meets her prince when she rescues him from three muggers. That is the only instance of violence in the story and the attraction between Mali and Quinn is innocence itself.

It takes some time before the author gives us any background information about Mali, but when we learn about her situation, her motives for giving become clear. As for Mali’s love interest, Quinn, it is not until the end of the story that we find out about his background.

Once the reader has learned about the two characters, it is impossible not to cheer for them. Both are lovely characters who, in the end, deserve the happiness they find. This is a sweet story with an important lesson to teach.

What I Didn’t Like About the Story

While the story is fine, there are a few minor points that are irksome. First, it is hard to tell where the story is set. As the author is from Trinidad and Tobago, perhaps the story is set there. There is no clue in the narrative.

Clarification of the setting would explain some of the questions this reader had. For example, the amounts to spend for Secret Santa gifts are given in dollars but the characters use typically British expressions like “bloody” and “queuing”. Second, for a company to insist that employees spend $500 on a Secret Santa gift is a bit over the top. Even if we are using Trinidadian dollars, that still amounts to nearly $100 US, way beyond what a mailroom clerk could afford to spend.

Final Say

This is a novella so very quick to read. It is well-written and innocent in its approach. Fans of romance who want a quick read would be very happy with A Touch of Kindness.

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