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Of Blood And Iron (The Storystream Book 1)


In the world of Story, something is wrong. It is breaking down the barriers, causing every telling to be untold.
Something is ripping the walls to pieces...
Tobias has gone to the Academy, determined to unlock the secrets at the edge of the known world…but what he discovers is so much more...
Valiben is a prince with a missing kingdom, and a hunch that something is going terribly wrong with the very fabric of reality…
Frayn is a warrior. The blood of giants is in her veins, and she has fought many terrible foes - but the thing that is growing in the darkness is unlike any enemy she has ever faced…
As the threads start to fray, as the barriers between stories fracture and bend, can this unlikely alliance stop the Universe unspooling before it is too late?
Their quest will take them from the first story ever told to the realms beyond death, and into the dark heart of a secret that is tearing the Universe to pieces.
Something is hungry in the darkness. But where does it come from? And can it be stopped?

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Jamie Brindle

I have been writing stories for pretty much as long as I can remember.  Although I have mucked about a bit with a lot of different genres and styles, I think of myself mainly as a fantasy author.  

I write a spectrum of fantasy, from light, fluffy, comedic stuff, through more more magical, fairy-tale stuff (often with a post-modern or ‘meta’ slant, and sometimes even with a hint of magical realism), to darker fantasy and grim folk-tale inspired fiction.  At the very far end of the spectrum, I do write some fantasy that’s so dark it’s bordering on horror.  I tend not to write heroic or epic fantasy (though that said, I do have one idea in the pipeline…)

I have worked various jobs (including driving a tractor, working in a lab, and selling boomerangs at Covent Garden in London); I am now a GP registrar in the East Midlands.  I am married to a woman who thinks she is a badger, and have a beautiful young boy called Ben.  My parents run a hedge maze in Bedfordshire, which you can visit (though the opening times change with the seasons).

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