Marisa Clements, a young writer of vampire fiction, has a major case of writer’s block. As she is sitting at her desk, the screen of her laptop blank, a voice announces the arrival of Corgan Halton, vampire. Corgan wants Marisa to write about his life and to educate people about vampires before he walks into the sunset and ends his vampire existence.

Quickly connecting, the two find that their fates are intertwined. Corgan has tried to atone for the evil he committed as a vampire and knows that Marisa will be a part of his future. Hunted by other vampires, Corgan must find a way to protect Marisa if they and their love are to survive.

Theme of the Book

Besides being a novel of romance, A Vampire’s Tale is a story of love and redemption. It is only through the love between Corgan and Marisa that Corgan will complete his transformation from killer to savior.

What I Liked About the Story

One of the best elements of A Vampire’s Tale is the character of Dee, the vampire who turned Corgan from a human boy to a vampire. Dee is a “kick ass and take names” kind of woman. She is also a very protective mother figure to Corgan. Her liveliness and her attitude are quite refreshing compared to those of Corgan and Marisa. Dee is the one truly likable character in the novel.

While the first half of the novel moves sedately with plenty of affection and love between Corgan and Marisa, the second half picks up the pace and becomes more exciting. The introduction of the wizards, of the nest of vengeful vampires and their human slaves, and the action of battle make this second half a fun read. The elements of magic are not overdone and add a bit of fantasy to the story.

Ms.Tyler’s introduction of certain vampiric rites such as “claiming” also adds interest. Finding a way to meld human and vampire in a romantic relationship, the author has managed to convince readers that such a union would, indeed, be possible.

What I Didn’t Like About the Story

A Vampire’s Tale is a book of two distinct parts. The first half of the book is a love story between a human and a vampire with all the complications that entails. The love story develops quickly – perhaps too quickly. There is a distinct lack of tension in the first scenes when Marisa realizes she is dealing with a real vampire. Somehow, her near immediate love for Corgan is completely unbelievable. She spends not more than five pages feeling any fear. The love affair progresses at light speed with Marisa easily accepting the oddities of living with a vampire.

Corgan, the vampire, is more of a wimp than a hero. It is not until the end of the book that he takes any real action to protect Marisa. Until then, he is constantly hovering, worrying, and feeling guilty. The beginning of the book is very similar to Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire with Corgan playing the part of Louis. Unfortunately, we learn very little about Corgan’s history, about his life before becoming a vampire, or what exactly the connection is between the two main characters.

As a romance, A Vampire’s Tale is similar to almost every other romance novel. As a story about vampires, it is sorely lacking.

Final Say

Fans of romance novels will enjoy this one for its unique take on a human/vampire pairing. Lovers of fantasy will appreciate the addition of the wizards and their various spells. On the whole, the book is a short, quick read that will bring pleasure to some readers while never challenging most readers.

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