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In the early fifth century in southern Britain, a hero arises - Marcus Aquilius - to protect a Roman town from an invading Saxon army.

Saxon warlord, Cerdric, has landed with a fleet of ships in the former Roman port of Noviomagus (now Chichester) and lays waste to all he sees. They see a well-kept Roman road and know it must lead to a town, and the prospect of plunder. As they make their way to Calleva Atrebates (Silchester) the tribal leader, Vortimer, enlists the aid of young ex-Roman auxilliary cavalry commander, Marcus, to organise their flimsy defences and concoct a strategy to defeat their deadly and merciless enemy.

The townsfolk must decide if their town and way of life is worth fighting for, or if they should flee to the forest and revert to a tribal lifestyle. The pressure builds on Marcus who is embroiled in his search for identity. He knows he must embrace change and makes his own personal journey to emerge as Marcus Pendragon, tribal commander and guardian of the military knowledge of the Roman Legions.

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Tim Walker

Tim is an independent author based near Windsor in Berkshire, UK. He recently self-published his first novel, a post-Brexit thriller, Devil Gate Dawn, set ten years in the future. He is currently writing an historical fiction series set in the post-Roman years between AD410-500, A Light in the Dark Ages, and has published the first part, Abandoned! Part Two, Ambrosius: Last of the Romans is due out later this year.


The River Thames was the inspiration for his first book, a book of short stories, Thames Valley Tales, from which a revised version of the story in this volume is taken. This collection of fifteen contemporary stories combines modern themes with the rich history and legend associated with towns and places along the Thames Valley. Two stories from this book have been selected to feature in anthologies:-

Murder at Henley Regatta was included in an anthology of emerging writers, 'Fresh Ink'.

Runnymede Rebellion was included in an anthology, 'Echoes of Liberty' published by the Agorist Writer's Workshop.

'El Dorado' was included in 'Holiday Heartwarmers' christmas short stories anthology, December 2016.

So far, in 2017, he has published his first children's book, co-authored with his daughter, Cathy, called 'The Adventures of Charly Holmes'.

Part two of 'A light in the Dark Ages' series is with the copyeditor and should be out in February.

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