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ABBAC1 Book Review

by Kathleen Lance


"The Van Gogh lights are coming, Mommy." Will she follow them?

Detective Ameena "AJ" Jardine doesn't know who she can-or should-trust anymore. And that may kill her.

Can she trust her boss, Deputy Director Conrad McMillan, after he keeps sidelining her from her investigations? He tells her to back off some of her missing person leads. He doesn't want her to contact Copernicus anymore, especially after the hacker uncovers details of a secretive operation. AJ's never had reason not to doubt her boss, so why does she now?

Can she ever again trust her partner, D.T.F. Agent Tony Aserbbo, after she learns he knew about her father's sabotaged car? His involvement almost cost the lives of her father and her son. And what about the fact she learns he's a double agent working for the Fasciata Order, a highly sophisticated and violent heroin cartel? After all, the more they investigate their leads and track down missing persons, the more secrets he begins to keep from her.

And what about Copernicus, the mysterious hacker following and watching her? Can she trust him even after he reveals his research and knowledge about the Order's designer heroin, Prussian Black? He seems to know quite a bit about it, her, and her past. What breadcrumbs does he leave her and will she follow them?

Does she trust her gut and believe the professor, Dr. Raymond Pinick? He did discover the killer'sCode, a mathematical sequence of events counting down to an end game. He's always helped her. Is there any reason not to trust him now?

Can she solve the mysteries and murders before she becomes the Order's target and the next victim of Prussian Black?


"Great criminal mystery thriller! A well written cast of characters and a twisting plot kept the pages turning for me." ~C.K.

"Characters I could relate to really pulled me into these books. Add that to an interesting, original story and I could not put them down! Can't wait for more!" ~D.H.

"The Jardine Trilogy will have you swinging on an emotional pendulum…This fast-paced crime thriller keeps you turning the pages as the hours pass quickly just to discover what happens next." ~C.O.

Who is Karma?

Karma Lei Angelo is a new, emerging author and the mastermind behindTHE FIBONACCI SERIES world. She submerges readers into the story and she's unapologetic for the real, down-to-earth characters she creates.

Karma also brings years of engineering, CAD, and math experience to the table, building her characters' world with elaborate and interesting concepts. She is a strong supporter for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) fields, and she's not afraid to challenge readers beyond a linear cookie-cutter, action-packed read.

She looks forward to seeing you to the endgame!


If you love witty dialogue, a diverse spectrum of characters, an intellectual challenge, and layers of perfectly woven mystery and clues-and you're not afraid of mature scenes with adult language, graphic violence, and disturbing descriptions-then you'll love this series!THE FIBONACCI SERIES is an epic mystery and suspense adventure that will span a total of 26 books.

Each book comes with many EXTRAS:

Reading "assignment"
List of Characters
Important Info
Excerpt from next book
And more!

ABBAC1 is available in digital and print, with audio to come in the future.

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Karma Lei Angelo

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