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Aiden and the book: Adventure in a playground; An Illustrated kids problem solving books with confidence for age 5 to 7


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How Aiden uses his mind and the skills he has learned to tackle this difficult problem!?

Aiden loves adventure, his friends and listening to the tales adults tell…. But most of all he loves books. Reading allows him to set his mind free and enjoy adventures his age won’t yet allow.
When his friend, Jacob, brings a brand new, beautiful book to the playground, Aiden knows he must read it. But how? Jacob won’t share and Aiden won’t take it….

Join Aiden as he uses his mind and the skills he has learned to tackle this difficult problem!
Parents will love the way Aiden thinks while kids will adore the colorful illustrations and a very special bonus – 20, ready to print coloring pages!

This book is about two boys and their conversation on the playground. The lesson for every boy reading this book is clear: Never give up! Think, ask yourself the right questions and you will win. Aiden manages to find a way to give Jacob what he wants and as a result he gets what he is looking for.

This short story is about negotiations and bartering, teaching kids about those vital skills with an example and it will be remembered by your boy for a long time. As a parent, you are able to continue this lesson with a similar story of your life.

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Sylvia Yordanova

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