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Allen M Werner

Allen M Werner


I am AM Werner from southeastern Wisconsin, the author of the Historical Fantasy series, THE CRYSTAL CRUX. While being a follower of the Sacred Name YHWH, I also have a passion for all things Medieval. I study Roman, Greek and Norse history and mythology as well as Native American studies. I am a past winner of a WRWA Jade Ring for an article I wrote at the bedside of my brother who died of complications from Muscular Dystrophy. I am married with three beautiful daughters, three wonderful grandchildren and a whole host of extended self-proclaimed children and grandchildren.

There were a limited number of authors I could locate and enter on this site as befit my style of writing so I will expound on some more of them here. I think you will find that my books are similar in style and scope to works by Jack Whyte, Michael Crichton, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Steven Erickson, Joe Abercrombie, Brian Jacques and Herbie Brennan.

I read and study history and mythology and than try to meld the two together creating Historical Fantasy, the supernatural apparently fitting seamlessly into reality.


The Crystal Crux: Betrayal

Allen M Werner


First book in the series : Pero de Alava, a caballero in medieval Italy, sins against the powerful Fabbro family in Parthenope (Naples) and suffers self-inflicted consequences. His plans to wed Anthea Manikos unravel. His best friend, Francis Whitehall, the Griffin, can't reach him. He accepts no advice from anyone. He curses God and accepts a suicidal quest on Eagles Pass, christening himself a scapegoat for his people.

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