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Am I the Killer? - A Luca Mystery Crime Thriller: Book #1


Is it really possible not to remember killing someone?

Peter, a war weary marine, returns home with a simple agenda; marry his sweetheart and be normal again.

His plans are upended when the brain-injured veteran is arrested for a brutal murder. Peter knew the dead man and had compelling motivation for taking revenge.

Det. Luca investigates but is hampered by the marine's inability or is it his unwillingness to recall the events of that fateful night?

Haunted by an old case, Luca is terrified of making another mistake. Though his obsession with finding the truth about what happened runs into political and personal roadblocks, Luca is undeterred. His calling is solving homicides and he'll uncover the truth.

Am I the Killer? - The first book in the riveting, stand-alone, Luca Mystery police procedural series. If you like hardened detectives and unexpected plot twists, then you'll love this gripping whodunit.

Written by International Bestselling Author, Dan Petrosini, fans of Law and Order, CSI and House of Cards will love this gripping mystery crime thriller!

Grab a copy of Am I The Killer? today and hang on for a wild ride.

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Dan Petrosini

Dan has his own view of the world and culture or lack thereof. He is passionate in his belief that people can realize their dreams if they focus and take action and actively encourages people.
Married with two daughters and a needy Maltese, Dan splits his time between South West Florida and New York City where he was born. Dan teaches at local colleges, writes novels and plays the tenor saxophone in a couple of jazz bands. He also drinks way too much wine.
Dan has an active blog at and has written thirteen novels.

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