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Amie: African Adventure: A Gripping Suspense Thriller

Would you follow your husband to start a new life in Africa?Amie did and lived to regret it.

As the last plane evacuating the expatriates takes off at the outbreak of a civil war, Amie is left behind. She's just an ordinary housewife never expecting her husband's work would take them to live in an African country she'd never heard of. Now, she is on her own with no one to help her.

˃˃˃ She'd worked for the government so by chance she was allied to the losing side and the new regime believes she has information she doesn't have.

Her husband has not told her his secret which puts her life further in danger.

˃˃˃ As she fights to survive she has only her wits to protect her against the men who would use her and the predatory wild animals in the African bush.


˃˃˃ Amie African Adventure is the first book of the Amie series by award-winning writer Lucinda E Clarke.

We meet Amie when she first arrives in Africa with no idea of how it will change her life and the challenges she will face in this page-turning, fast-moving, thrilling action adventure series.

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Lucinda E Clarke

Born Dublin, dragged up in the Cotsworlds and finished off in Liverpool, Lucinda has lived in eight different countries, been a millionairess and totally broke. She had numerous jobs but 'fell' into the media and fullfilled a lifelong dream to write for a living. Thousands of radio and television scripts, along with mayoral speeches, copywriting and articles in magazines and newspapers later, she began writing books. There are six to date.

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