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AN Explanatory Beginner's Guide to Creative Writing


A beginner's guide with definitions to creative writing. Explains differences between types of writing. Examples of different writings to explain the concepts talked about.The selected poems in this volume are about writing. Creative writing and little bits of information about the craft. To the understand the truth about writing one must look inside of oneself. It is my belief that anyone can write. We all have an ability to write inside of us. WE are taught how to write with grammar and punctuation in school while we are born with the ability to write within ourselves. We are not all born to be essay writers, poets, ballads or novelists. We may like to write or dislike to write, some find it easy while some find it hard. There are many techniques and understandings of writing. I will attempt to the best of my ability to share what I have learned about the craft in my own life and journey.

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Michael Fisher

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