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An Uncertain Proposal


River feels like he has it all. He has found good work, is leading his people confidently, and has romanced his dream girl. As he goes to put the icing on the cake and propose, he quickly learns everything is not as perfect as it seems. His plans soon become a comedy of errors as the sales lady at the jewelry store snubs him, his first attempt at proposing is shot down, and he loses the ring.

"He knew he was not concealing his emotions well enough. He wiped his damp palms on his jeans throughout dinner, and, from their mental link, he could feel his nerves doubling back on him. She could sense his unease, and it was making her anxious. She kept glancing at his quaking fingers as he used them to shovel fragrant jalebi in. Usually she ordered a drink after dinner and, as her face lightly pinked, they would laugh and discuss their days. She always looked so sultry putting the glass to her lips, her cheeks rosy. That was one of the benefits of their emotional bond. When his thoughts turned carnal that feeling was shared, and it seemed to zip down their spines like caressing fingers on bare skin. Being shared between them it was doubly strong, damn near painful in its sweet intensity. That night she waved off the waiter. She did not want to linger at their awkward dinner. Ugh. Was it normal to just want to get a proposal over with?"

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Mandy NM

Mandy lives in the Midwest with her band of fearless daughters who take turns dressing as fairytales princesses and stormtroopers. It is these small, fiery people who inspire Mandy to write, to invent female characters that can both cry and kick a*s. Visit her online at to see more of her work, find out what's coming up next, and to contact Mandy. 

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