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Angkor Away


Paul is a graphic designer with a history that has included organising events on the London rave scene and supplying recreational drugs across the capital. Disillusioned by the way the scene has been taken over by organised crime, he turns his back on it and, after a few years working for a prestigious design company, he leaves the UK to travel the world, picking up the odd bit of legal and illegal work on the way.
After meeting some gifted Thai chemists, Paul sets up a lab in Northern Thailand producing high-quality LSD. When his new business comes to the attention of the local crime lord/army general he has to leave Thailand quickly and relocates to Cambodia where his friend has a bar.
There he meets Aya and falls in love. But through Aye he meets her brother Chamreun, a former air force colonel who is now involved in the Cambodian drugs trade and who knows far more about Paul's life than he should. It's not long till Paul is pulled back into the world of drug trafficking against his wishes and is involved with the biggest drugs cartel in the region.
But when things turn sour, Paul finds himself in a frantic hunt across South East Asia as they look for answers. But when they find them in a bloody climax, the answers are not at all what Paul had expected.

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Steven W. Palmer

Steven W. Palmer is the pen name of Scottish expat, Iain Donnelly, who has been living in Cambodia for 4 years.

He started writing as a freelancer for the Phnom Penh arts and entertainment magazine, The Advisor. Shortly after The Advisor folded he was headhunted as writer and assistant editor for The Weekly, part of The Khmer Times. But within a few weeks his friend and editor had walked out and he was thrust into the position of editor and chief writer. With no support from the publisher he soldiered on but the clock was always ticking and he left at the end of 2015.

After a couple of months' hiatus, he was offered the post of managing editor with an international advertising and publications agency, and took the reins of three magazines; European Auto Asia, Travel and Tourism Guide Cambodia, and Banking & Finance Cambodia.

He set up Saraswati Publishing Cambodia towards the end of 2016 with the purpose of not only publishing his own books, but also books by other expats in the country and, more importantly, discovering new Cambodian writers and giving them a publishing platform.

As Iain, he has just edited a collection of short stories, Mekong Shadows, which is already receiving great acclaim. As well as established expat and Cambodian writers, the book also features two competition winners, aged 15 and 18.

As well as writing, Steven is a keen DJ and music producer who writes weird and quirky electronic music.

In what little spare time he has, Steven likes to work on a plan to resurrect Genghis Khan and also trains stunt hamsters.

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