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AQUA (The Elements Book 1)


Hold your breath...
The future is five miles underwater. And Jazwyn Ripley's time has come.

Only the best get into Gaia Sur, the elite academy on the ocean floor. But something is wrong in the interviews.

Jazz's evaluation is too easy compared with those of her soul-rattled classmates, and now, Arco Hart is desperate to protect her from something he won't talk about.

Cryptic messages coming from the earth's core. A charming, but infamous rival who knows why.

There's every reason to walk away, but it takes 12 years to earn a chance to escape the polluted topside world. At the bottom, there really is nowhere to go but down.

The road to everything the cadets ever wanted now leads somewhere they never intended to go, and at the bottom of the sea, one decision will change the course of their lives for good...

Continue on the scripted path, or chase something deeper?

Adrenaline rush action.
Heart-stopping romance.

Dive into the first book of The Elements series and find out why readers are calling it"the action of Hunger Games, the scope of Maze Runner, and the heart of The Selection, all under one ocean!"

★★★★★Scroll up to buy now and be swept away!


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Tracy Korn

Tracy Korn’s years of teaching high school English have taught her that teenagers are superheroes. Their resiliency, drive, and passion inspired the character driven, high action and adventure books in The Elements Series.

When she’s not writing/ reading/ teaching, she coaches FTC robotics and tries to learn everything she can about filmmaking and virtual reality game design. Tracy holds Master’s degrees from Indiana University in Secondary Education, in Language, Culture, and Literacy Education, and in English. She lives in Indiana with her husband and their two very own superheroes. Stay in touch at and

* Instagram: @tracy_korn

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