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As If I Were A River


Do we live the lives we want to or the ones that just happen to us?

Kate's life is falling apart. Her husband has vanished without a trace - just like her mother did.

Laura's going to do something that's going to change her family's life forever - but she can't stop herself.

Una's keeping secrets - but for how much longer?

As If I Were A River tells the interconnected stories of these three women - the lies they tell, the secrets they keep, the love they feel.

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Amanda Saint

Hello, I'm Amanda Saint an author of novels, short stories, and feature articles.

My debut novel, As If I Were A River, is out now and I’m just writing my next one, which has a working title of All Be Forgotten.

When I’m not writing fiction I write features for magazines and run my creative writing business, Retreat West. When I'm not doing that I can often be found walking about in forests, up mountains and on beaches.

Nomadic by nature, I’ve been roaming the world with my husband, John, for the past 16 years and we’ve travelled in Europe, Asia and Australia and lived in New Zealand, Ireland, on a canal narrowboat and all over the UK. For now, I’m back in my hometown of Reading.

Before I was a full-time writer I worked in various jobs as a marketing manager for Microsoft, in Westminster as a communications manager for a high-profile Labour government education programme, as a freelance communications consultant, call centre slave, waitress, pie heater, magazine editor, shop assistant, and more. But now it’s all about the words.

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