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Asterius (Interstellar Cargo Book 0)


Asterius is a short story that takes place around fifteen years before the events ofIcarus. It can be read at any point in the series, though it is recommended that book one be read first.

Captain Tessa Adrace of Starforce is about to be assigned a mission she will never forget. With strict orders given her directly from the colonel, she must lead her squadron up against an adversary feared throughout the galaxy: Black Dwarf. The odds impossibly stacked against her, but she will stop at nothing until her mission is complete. Even if it means her end.

Asterius is a short story, consisting of 6750 words, or roughly twenty-four pages. A bonus chapter from ICARUS is included.

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Matt Verish

My name is Matt Verish, and I write speculative fiction. I have no honorary degree of which to boast, nor do I have any fancy awards to flaunt. Not yet, anyway. What I do possess is a burning passion to create and write in both the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. I've been writing since I was in the fourth grade, though I didn't truly realize my desire to become an author until I was in college. And it wasn't until my late thrities that I actually completed my first full novel.

Why did I tackle my first solo project so close to forty, you ask? Well that's simple: I'm also a married co-author. When I'm not daydreaming about interstellar cargo vessels, I'm busy shaping the World of Secramore with my beautiful wife, Stefanie. Together we've been writing Epic Fantasy for close to twenty years. We have five full-length novels and two short stories to our names with many more to come. It's a wonder I have time to write anything on the side!

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