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B'ar Yarns: Florida Pioneer Stories


B'ar Yarns (Bear Yarns) is a collection of memories of a boy growing up in North Florida in the early 1900's. Eugene Pitts left these stories of pioneer life for those who follow him. He and his brothers experienced adventures children today can only dream of. He thought nothing of riding off into the swamp in the dead of night to hunt raccoons or alligators, and he didn't hesitate to jump on his Texas cow pony and take out after a 2000 pound bull armed with a 12 foot bullwhip. He loved animals and respected nature, leaving these lessons for his descendants and other children who read his story.

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Corinda Pitts Marsh

I am first a grandmother then a Southern writer, raised and steeped in the traditions of the deep South. I returned to college at the age of 44, a challenge which certainly changed my life. I fell in love with words and will never recover from that addiction. My favorite authors are Thomas Wolfe, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Camus, and Friedrich Nietzsche. I enjoy study of the paranormal and deep human emotions. Writing for me is a way of knowing. My doctorate is in 20th Century American Literature, but my interests range far and wide. Taking the lead from T.S. Eliot, I steal from those who have come before. Plato and Milton as well as many others are often my literary playmates. I had an imaginary friend when I was four years old, so perhaps I never recovered. I once heard a professor say that for every book one writes, he or she must read 1000 others. This holds true for me. The writers we study become a part of who we are if we are paying attention, and I hope my antennas are tuned to the proper channels. When I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy growing orchids, watching birds, and cooking for my family.

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