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B Fleetwood

B Fleetwood


B Fleetwood grew up in Birmingham, UK, in the late fifties and sixties. The third of six children, she began writing at the age of eight by entering (and winning) a Cadbury Chocolate contest. She had long dreamed of writing a fantasy novel with a strong, smart female protagonist (someone who did not see the world in black and white) and in 2011, she quite her job in order to write it. And so, Chroma was born.

She has held all manner of jobs in her life, from waitressing and bartending to acting as an exams officer and a school timetabler. She and her engineering husband have resided in Stockport, UK, for over thirty years and have four children and four granddaughters.


Chroma: Imogen's Secret (Volume 1)

B Fleetwood


Seventeen-year-old Imogen Reiner has extraordinary abilities. She can read emotions, the coloured spectrum of auras unseen by anyone else. Struggling to know why, and unable to make sense of the mismatched memories of her past, she is haunted by a dark, recurring nightmare. What happened when she was a child, and was it the cause of her mother's ten-year coma? Her Granddad has taught her how to conceal her gifts, but is frustratingly silent on the answers to these questions.

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