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Baby Sleep, Mommy Sleep: Easy Solutions to Teach Your Child to Sleep Through the Night (Easy Parenting Series, Nighttime Sleep, Sleep Habits, Sleep Solutions)


Use These Practical Tips to Finally Get the Sleep You Need
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Are you tired???Does your child wake you up constantly throughout the night? Does your child wet the bed, sleepwalk or have nightmares?
You are not alone. There are many factors that contribute to your child's inability to sleep. They may feel uncomfortable with their clothes, their environment, feel hungry or thirsty, feel hot or cold; have separation anxiety… all these things and more affect your baby's sleep routine.
There are effective ways to put your baby to sleep and train them to sleep through the night. Most books on this subject are 300-400 pages and waste most of the book discussing studies and theory rather than explaining practical solutions. This book will teach you effective ways to get your baby sleeping without all the extra pages. The best tips are packed in this amazing and easy to navigate book. With this guide, you will be confident about your ability to finally get some sleep. If you have a young baby who won't sleep,you need this book!

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
Why Your Baby Isn't SleepingA Stage by Stage Guide to How Much Sleep Your Child NeedsCommon Sleep Problems and SolutionsMother and Baby Sleeping Habits for SuccessA Comprehensive Guide to Newborn Sleep PatternsThe Best Resources for Helping Your Baby Sleep ComfortablyHow To Stop Your Child from Bed WettingWeaning Off Nighttime FeedingsSummary of the 5 S's to Calm Your BabyBONUS: You Baby's First Foods and Teething TipsAnd much, much more!
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Tags: Easy Parenting Series, Nighttime Sleep, Sleep Habits, Sleep Problems, Sleep Solutions

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