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Breach - Issue #02: NZ and Australian SF, Horror and Dark Fantasy


Issue #02 of Australia and NZ's newest SF/Horror fiction magazine is here. Featuring brand new short stories by Jessica Nelson-Tyers, Alfie Simpson, Jesse Hayward, Lucy-Jane Walsh and Carlington Black, with cover art by Oliver Hayes.

Our second issue takes you to the deepest parts of Earth's oceans and out again to the Edge of the universe, with a stop on the way for Jesse Hayward's three-year mission to Europa. In "The Free Range Option", Jessica Nelson-Tyers goes grocery shopping in a world of fantastical creatures, while Lucy-Jane Walsh paints the world in "Blue". And for the second time, Oliver Hayes kicks in our eyeholes with his cover art.

Breach is a bi-monthly digital zine with a focus on new and emerging Australian and New Zealand writers and artists.

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