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Brokken Knight (Brokken Road Romances Book 4)


Hearts break.

Abby thought mail-order grooms were the perfect way to save Brokken, Texas from a slow demise. When her husband died in the Civil War, she didn’t think she could ever love another. Abby’s picked a bad time to have second thoughts, as her groom by proxy is arriving on the afternoon train. Even if their marriage doesn’t work, the town needs her groom.

Armor tarnishes.
Dr. Mathew Knight won’t practice medicine. He can’t face losing another life. He has no intention of ever surrendering his heart to another woman. All he wants is someone to step in as his son’s mother. Too bad he didn’t tell Abby about Ethan in the few letters they exchanged.

Honor remains.
With so many secrets between them, is there any chance for this marriage to work, or is it doomed from the start?

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Lynda J Cox

Lynda J Cox is an award winning western historical romance author. She writes perfectly imperfect characters while remaining authentic to the time period--so much so she leaves her readers with a book hangover. Three separate books have been RONE nominees, while one was a finalist and the runner-up in the highly contested Victorian/Western category. Two of her books have won the Raven Award. 

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