I am a happily married forty something year old mum from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK. I started writing in 2012 after telling a friend about a little idea I’d had about a story. I haven’t stopped since.


Q: Who is the real Caroline Easton?

A: I’m a wife and mother to three amazing children. I own my own childcare business which keeps me busy during the school term but also allows me to spend time with my youngest two during the school holidays. My eldest got married earlier this year so it’s just the youngest two at home now.


Q: I hear that you are not that keen on your car and driving. Would you care to tell all?

I actually love my car! It was an amazing surprise present from my husband almost two years ago. But I do hate driving, I don’t trust the other drivers on the roads and I’m the one who breathes in when we pass other cars on the motorway because everyone knows that makes your own car smaller, right?! I also have no sense of direction. Despite living in the same town since birth, I can still get lost at the end of my street and I do not trust the Sat Nav at all!


Q: As a wife, mother to 3 and owner of Hatchlings, a pre-school, how on earth do you manage to find the time to write?

My husband works shifts and most of his seem to be late or night shifts so I spend a lot of time at home on my own with the boys. Once they are in bed that’s when I write. It’s not unusual for me to start writing at 9pm and go right through to 2-3 in the morning. I never did need much sleep 😉


Q: Your favourite movie is Cool Runnings, the true story of 4 young Jamaican bobsleighers who are Olympic hopefuls. What is it about this particular movie that appeals to you?

Just even thinking about that film makes me laugh out loud. I could quote most of the film to you, much to my children’s amusement! But on a serious note, it’s about a group of athletes who strive to succeed against all odds, they may not come out on top but they never give in. It’s not a bad motto to have in this life, if you ask me.


Q: You write contemporary romance. Do you write specifically for young adults? Do you write to entertain or to educate?

I’ve written 4 full novels with one due for release on 6th January 2017. There’s also another 2 almost finished. My books are aimed at people from young adult upwards, I ultimately write books that I would love to read. I’m an avid reader and I’m never without a book on the go, they are a form of escapism for me. I hope that my books provide that for others.


Q: Dancing in the Rain was your first book that deals with spousal abuse. What is the message you wanted to get across to your readers with this book?

A: Domestic abuse is a very emotive subject but one that is a very real part of life, sadly. Statistics state that 2 women a week die from abuse by their partners and on average a woman is assaulted 35 times before she reports it to the authorities. That’s frightening to think that people go through that thinking they are alone, as Jane did in Dancing in the Rain or that it’s somehow their fault. It’s not their fault and they are not alone. If my book makes one person realise that and reach out for help then that can only be a good thing.


Q: Blink has a fabulous cover and was the winner for our 3rd Cover Wars competition. You have created some of your other covers in the past. Did you do this one too, and if not, why did you decide to pay someone else to design the cover for you?

A: Blink’s cover was designed by the very talented Sarah Hansen from Okay Creations. I have to say I love it. I did design a couple of my own covers when I first started writing but if I’ve learnt anything, it’s to leave it to the experts! Although I am considering learning more about graphic design, because I don’t have enough to keep me busy with the kids, the business and writing!


Q: In Blink, despite Flynn and Harper having a lot of personal obstacles to overcome, they engage in a very sweet romance. Can you tell us more about their relationship without spoiling the story for potential readers?

A: Flynn meets Harper after he falls foul of the law, he ends up with a community payback sentence at a rehab unit where Harper is a resident. She’s in a self-imposed “locked in” state where she refuses to speak or move, Flynn sees that as a challenge. The path ahead of them is a tough but very worthwhile one.


Q: Your Risk stories are rock band romances. You have published two so far, with a third in the series that is about to be released called Risking it All. Tell us more about this series and the secret to its popularity.

A: Alex Carter from Taking a Risk is the fictional love of my life! He’s an alpha male with a softer side who would move heaven and earth for Grace. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want someone like that in their life?! It was intended to be a standalone romance but Ben wouldn’t stop talking to me and wanted his own book and then Jake appeared out of nowhere wanting his time in the limelight too. I have a little Risk novella planned for this year too, so watch this space.


Q: As someone who likes watching CSI and Dexter, are you tempted to write a psychological thriller or a murder mystery in the future?

A: I would love to try my hand a different genre but I’m not sure I could pull it off. I’d never say never but it’s not something I have planned on doing. I like nice easy reads that draw me in and make me fall in love with the main man, it’s all about the feels.

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