India Kells Author Interview

Hello everyone! India Kells here, and so happy to share a little bit of me with you all! I’m a romantic suspense and paranormal romance writer. I love reading and writing, especially crazy stories full of action with incredible alpha males and kickass heroines, and, of course, sex! Writing is a way of exorcising so many things […]

Faey Bonne Author Interview

Faey Bonne is a collaborative pseudonym used by affianced authors John Riley and Felicity Partington. They wanted to branch out and explore a more magical world, creating stories and narratives which subtly entwine. So began their Twisted Tales series. Letting their imaginations delve to the darkest of places and spinning popular stories into unrecognisable adult stories. What happens […]

Alexander Grant Author Interview

Alexander Grant is a new epic fantasy author. He self-published his first two books of the King’s Lion Tales in 2016. In his books, besides high-level military strategy, the readers find Gods, shamans, elements’ magicians, Druids, magical spices and a complex universe with snow-covered mountains, dreadful deserts, dense jungles and exotic islands. Q: Who is the […]

Bonnie Turner Author Interview

Bonnie Turner, one of the few remaining members of the Greatest Generation, was born at the height of the Great Depression. Currently residing in Wisconsin, she is a mother, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother. Her interests are many and varied, including astronomy, geography, history, yoga, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics and parapsychology. She’s a self-educated jack-of-all-trades, a […]

Peter Best Author Interview

Peter Best was born in the North East of England in the beginning of the sixties. Albeit the son of a shipyard worker, Peter was brought up in a mining community until the age of eight when for some reason or another somebody made the decision, the community should be uprooted and moved to a place […]

F.F. John Author Interview

F.F. John is an American writer of dystopian science fiction fantasy with a dollop of romance and action. Q: You write under the name F.F. John, but who is the real Funmi John? A: I’m a girl who calls several countries home, having lived in the USA (the Washington, DC region is still my base) and […]

Karma Lei Angelo Author Interview

Karma Lei is an American author born in Texas and currently lives in New England. She is married with two children. Karma is an emerging author and developing the Fasciata Series. Q: Who is the real Karma lei Angelo? A: She’s a little bit of everything: a mother, a wife, a nurturer, an explorer and adventurer. […]

Sunanda J. Chatterjee Author Interview

Sunanda J. Chatterjee is an American writer from California whose books have constantly been in the top 100 Amazon list both in the USA and India. She writes literary fiction. Her themes include romantic sagas, family dramas, immigrant experience, women’s issues, and medicine. She loves extraordinary love stories and heartwarming tales of duty and passion. Q: […]

L.J. Ross Author Interview

Northumbrian born author, L.J. Ross, lawyer turned writer, is the bestselling author of several crime fiction detective novels with DCI Ryan as the central character with some romance thrown in for good measure. Her debut novel, Holy Island was well-received and over the last two years, she has written five more novels. She currently lives in Bath, London […]

Chris Fox Author Interview

Chris Fox is a well-known entrepreneur and bestselling, American author of paranormal fantasy and science fiction. Among fellow authors he is better known for his non-fiction book series, Write Faster, Write Smarter, that includes, Write to Market and the equally popular publication: Six Figure Author; Using Data to Sell More Books. All of which I recommend serious authors to read! He […]