Necessary Sins: Book One of the Lazare Family Saga Book Review

Synopsis When the slaves of Saint Domingue rose in revolt, only two members of the Lazare family survived: Marguerite and her grandson Rene. They reestablish themselves in Charleston among other refugees and slave-holding families. There Rene becomes a doctor, marries Mary, a deaf-mute, and has three children: Joseph, Cathy, and Helene. When Joseph discovers the […]

Buy Another Day Book Review

Synopsis With the demise of the Soviet Union, many Soviet scientists feared the loss of their jobs, their privileges, and even their research. Thus a black market opened up with both conventional weapons and biological and chemical weapons and with scientific expertise for sale to whoever had the money to pay. When Mehdi Asadi approaches […]

Thalidomide Kid Book Review

Synopsis In Thalidomide Kid, by Kate Rigby, Celia Burkett and Daryl Wainwright are the “odd” kids at the local primary school. Celia is the new girl and the daughter of the deputy head at the secondary school she’ll go to next year. Daryl is the boy with no arms, a victim of the Thalidomide scandal, and […]

A Dragonfly in Winter Book Review

Synopsis In A Dragonfly in Winter, by Helen Pryke the granddaughter of the last Innocenti healer, Sara is rebellious, angry, and alone. Alienated from her parents, Sara finds solace in the abandoned cottage used by her grandmother where dragonflies appear, even in the depths of a Tuscan winter. With the help of Simone, the Innocenti’s head […]

Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams Book Review

Synopsis In Tarquin Jenkins and the Book of Dreams, all young Tarquin Jenkins wants to do is travel through time, have adventures, and solve puzzles. His first few trips do just that but then Tarquin’s life gets complicated. With his time travel coach, a former wrestler named Jeremiah, a strange group of leprechauns, and an infamous […]

Topaz Eyes Book Review

Synopsis In Topaz Eyes a mysterious invitation to a gallery opening brings Keira Drummond back to Heidelberg, Germany where she meets Teun Zeger, an American of Dutch ancestry; Zaan De Raad, a Dutch antiques dealer; and Jensen Amsel, their host. Amsel, a dealer in fine jewelry, is searching for the fabled Tiru Salana jewels, brought from India […]

Ties That Bind Book Review

Synopsis Wanting nothing more than her freedom, in Ties That Bind, Alexandra breaks away from her traditional Italian family to strike out on her own. Now living and working in New York City, she meets Gabriel Harland, an attorney working in the District Attorney’s office. Their path to love and happiness is not a smooth one. […]

The Long Road to Loving Grayson Book Review

Synopsis In a Long Road to Loving Grayson, competent, professional, and very unhappily married Maggie Perkins lives in Cloncurry, a small town in Australia’s outback. As HR officer, Maggie is responsible for meeting new employees and when she meets incoming engineer Grayson Reeves, her world turns upside down. There is an immediate spark between them, but […]

Haunted By a Moment Book Review

Synopsis At only seventeen, Kat has her life changed forever by a car accident that leaves her in the hospital and three of her friends injured. Kat has supportive people in her life: her mother, her best friend Elle, and her long-suffering boyfriend Kip. But despite their love and care, Kat continues to feel horrible […]

In The Pocket Book Review

Synopsis Jack Haley arrives at a Toronto police station to turn himself in for unknown crimes. By a lucky coincidence, he is interviewed by the recently married but already unhappy Officer Charlotte Stiles. Charlotte is sure she has the case of a lifetime when Jack tells her that, in exchange for police protection, he can […]