Why Sherlock Holmes is the Iconic Detective

In it origins, the detective method is closely connected with early Romantic ideas about the nature of the imagination. Poe set the precedent of the detective as an impure rationalist; and it has frequently been pointed out how the methods of Dupin, and his disciple, Holmes rely not on deduction, but induction. This is a […]

Who Wrote The Curious George Children’s Books

There are few people of my generation, before and after, who would not recognise the monkey below as being that from the famous children’s book series, Curious George. However, how many of you know anything about the authors and who they were? Who Wrote Curious George? Hans Augusto Rey was born 16 September, 1898 in Hamburg Germany. […]

Writing Fiction from Reality

Sometimes reality is indeed stranger than fiction. So much so, that when you write about it, people could query whether what you have written is plausible. However, authors use real life experiences all the time as a springboard for their books, including disappointments and the dramatic. Let’s look at an example. Picture this fictional situation:Location: Glasgow […]

A History of Cornish Fairies and the Little Folk of Cornwall

In Cornwall, where I presently live, there are fairies. But let us be clear about the Cornish fairies. They were far from the diaphanous creatures with gossamer wings, beloved by the late Victorians and immortalised by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (whose book, The Coming of The Fairies so surprised his readers). These were not the Little People who flitted […]

Sherlock Holmes and his Contribution to Criminology Part 2

Sherlock Holmes’s own wide knowledge of classic murder cases and of the circumstances of their victims’ demise certainly assisted him in the detection of crime and the speed with which he reached his conclusions. Sherlock Holmes was a Reader In A Study In Scarlet, Holmes mentions that “The forcible administration of poison is by no means […]

My Writing and the Places I have Visited

Oh, that’s a lovely peaceful image and a picturesque location! I love the buzz that phrase creates and will probably never tire of it when a reader of my fiction tells me the photo above is just the perfect location for Topaz Eyes, one of my contemporary mystery novels. I’m also really pleased when customers of […]

Alice in Wonderland: Why we Still Venture Down the Rabbit Hole

Published in 1865, the story of Alice in Wonderland has undoubtedly stood the test of time. With Lewis Carroll’s original story spawning numerous live action movies, animations, comic books and even games, Alice has transcended the printed word to become a part of mainstream culture. So why do generations of children and adults alike continue to venture […]

Preserving the Written Word

Today I’m feeling just a bit nostalgic. Earlier this week, on the news announced the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus was closing the tents for the last time. I remembered my visits to the circus as a child, and found myself smiling. Even as an adult, I saw evidence of this great circus. […]

Sherlock Holmes and his Contribution to Criminology

The most famous detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes, made his first public appearance in the December issue of Beeton’s Christmas Annual for 1887. The story, A Study in Scarlet, was not an immediate success when it was reprinted by Ward Lock & Co. in the following year. That was unsurprising, however, for in August of […]