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Charly & The Superheroes (Charly Holmes Series Book 2)


Ker-Pow! Charly & The Superheroes packs a powerful punch!
Charlotte Holmes - Charly to her friends - is an inquisitive 14-year-old schoolgirl who loves superhero movies. She enters a competition through her favourite breakfast cereal to win the trip of a lifetime to Universal Studios in Hollywood, and is hopeful of winning, despite mum's caution.
Imagine her surprise when she wins! Mum and Dad join her on the adventure that starts with a trans-Atlantic flight and a hotel stay in Los Angeles. On their studio tour an unexpected incident leads to Charly joining the cast of a superheroes movie that is being filmed, but during rehearsals her excitement is soon cut short when the rumblings of an earthquake signal the start of a real-life catastrophe.
The scene soon switches from a pretend disaster to a real one, and Charly is challenged to help the superhero actors come up with solutions to their life-threatening situation. Will her creative mind and quick reactions, together with the 'powers' of four superheroes, help guide her family and friends to safety?
Charly & The Superheroes is a light-hearted and life-affirming adventure story that treads the border between the magic of the movies and the perils of real-life disasters, seen through the eyes of a teenaged school girl.
This book is suitable reading for older children and parents.

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Tim Walker

Historical fiction author of One Stop Fiction Awards winners - Arthur Dux Bellorum and Uther's Destiny.

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