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Christopher Gallagher

Christopher Gallagher


Chris is a Christian, a husband, a father; English by birth, Yorkshire by the grace of God. He writes novels, song lyrics and occasionally works of poetic beauty. He is also a serial fantasist...!



Christopher Gallagher


Not the second coming, the first; not then, now.

Humanity hangs despairingly between the forces of good and evil, teetering on the edge of self destruction and without hope, yet remaining oblivious to its plight. Tensions rise and seeds of revolution are sown as society begins to sink under the weight of immorality, corruption, and religious hypocrisy.

Northumbria in the British Isles longs to be part of a self governing United Kingdom; to break free from the fear and control of the Saxon Empire and their liberal use of capital punishment, all due to an unwitting 'opt out' power shift to Berlin in1975, amidst threats of an international trade embargo and the wild claims of euro prosperity.

But all is not lost; the ancient scriptures prophesied a saviour would come. A man, immense in power and chosen by God himself to restore order, rid the land of oppression, gloriously unite and victoriously lead the nation.

A genius take on humanity which threads into a clever interweaving plot of immortality and redemptive power. Saviour is a rhythmic, stark, and provocative expression of how one misunderstood man called Jesus would change the course of the world for ever, in just three years.

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