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Claimed By The Dragons


What If Dragons Were Real?

And they roamed the Earth in the form of two breathtakingly hot guys. You'd think I was crazy but I'll tell you what, I've slept with them and they are 100% real - every last inch of them.

There's only one problem.

They're dangerous - the kind of men who are known to kidnap women and force them to birth their children. Now, logically, knowing this, I should run far, far away.

But try running away from a couple of guys who just rocked your world into next week. It's not that easy especially when you find yourself carrying their baby.

So, I'm left with a choice: to live among the dragons and take my chances or to rely on my cheating ex-boyfriend and his desire for revenge.

But is it really a choice at all? Tell me, what would you do if you knew dragons were real?

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Lilly Wilder

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