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Blog For Authors: Book Marketing

Readers are everywhere! However, knowing your specific target audience will help you with the writing process, as well as your marketing strategy.

When I initially decided to become an author the first thing I had to consider was whether I should self-publish or go traditional. I looked at self-publishing as it allowed me to target an international market. Let's face it, getting a conventional publishing deal from a local publisher is near impossible and most of them operate like a vanity press. The other downside to local publishers is that they give preference to books about local subjects rather than consider the wider reading genre that many prefer. Thus self-publishing was the better option and where my steep learning curve began.

So, I am painting doors in my year-old home, and by year-old I mean I just moved in here a year ago - the house itself was built in the fifties - and I suddenly have this flash of genius. I feel like I have cracked the code to why I’m not selling more copies.

Everybody knows that there is more than enough evidence that there is some connection between almost every kind of major event and book sales. That is no secret. Books of a certain kind sell seasonally, and drawing a line from there, certain specific events spike sales of certain specific genres.

What are launch teams?

Launch teams are used by the big 5 traditional publishing houses to get their authors pushed up the ranks in Amazon. People on this list will tell you that, as group owners, they are regularly approached to provide reviews for a book that is being traditionally published.

Self-publishing is hard. I am not going to tell you otherwise. You are a one-man band that has to find a book cover designer, an editor, book reviewers, form launch teams and be your own marketing guru. If you have gone to the trouble of writing a good book, you need to make sure that when you self-publish your book, it succeeds. However, sometimes, indie authors are unaware of what is needed to be successful. Are you one of those authors whose books are in the doldrums? If so, what have you done, or perhaps, what haven't you done, and what can you do to improve your book sales and marketing strategies?