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Blog For Readers: Writing Fiction

Sometimes reality is indeed stranger than fiction. So much so, that when you write about it, people could query whether what you have written is plausible. However, authors use real life experiences all the time as a springboard for their books, including disappointments and the dramatic. Let’s look at an example.

Today I’m feeling just a bit nostalgic. Earlier this week, on the news announced the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus was closing the tents for the last time. I remembered my visits to the circus as a child, and found myself smiling. Even as an adult, I saw evidence of this great circus. There were times when I would have to take a different route into Palm Beach because the Elephant Walk was taking place. You could see the excited children lining the sidewalks waiting for a glimpse of the mighty giants. Yes, there is an excitement which only comes with events like the circus, and if you’ve ever been to one you will understand.