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One Stop Fiction Book Awards

There is nothing better than to know that you are getting a book of excellence to read. That is why One Stop Fiction decided to award certain books with an award as a symbol of reading quality.

As a reader, you may not know that our books on the website have been vetted to ensure that we have only good books displayed. All our books have been professionally edited, and have at least a 4-star review average. However, that wasn’t enough. We wanted to showcase the books on our website that were the crème de la crème where these authors deserved to be recognised.

Our in-house book reviewer, Kathleen Lance puts forward names of books she has read and considers excellent reads. We pass these on to two more readers. If they all concur, the book is given the One Stop Fiction 5 Star Book Award.

We are proud to present to you authors who have all achieved this level of distinction in their writing.

The Adventures of Tremain and Christopher: The Missing Yesterdays (The Adventures of Tremain & Christopher)

Terry Marchion


"I read it in one night!" - reader review

"Can't wait for the next adventure!" - reader review
A freak lab accident.
A history erased!

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