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Crime Fiction Competition
12 signed paperbacks delivered to your door!

Crime fiction intrigues us. But why? Isn't life violent enough that we need to read about it in books? When we think of crime fiction we immediately think of murder, suspense, police procedures, good triumphing over evil.

Crime fiction allows us to follow the how, the why and the whodunnits of novel writing. We can settle down to read a number of sub-genres; a cozy mystery, a noir, a hard-boiled, or even an historical crime fiction.

Enjoy the crime books here. There is even one based on a true story. Once you have read the books please leave an honest review. Reviews are so important to writers.

Enter our competition and WIN all 12 books signed by the author and delivered to your door.

See our other crime fiction books here. Crime Fiction Competition - 12 signed paperbacks delivered to your door!

In the Shadows

Tara Lyons


Detective Inspector Denis Hamilton is tasked with apprehending a brutal murderer stalking the streets of London - and leaving not a shred of DNA evidence. As the suspect list mounts, his frustration and pressure from his superiors intensify.

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Witch Jar

Kelvin Jones


When ex-metropolitan police detective and psychic John Bottrell returns to Cornwall to recuperate, having inherited a cottage from his mother-in-law on the remote Lizard peninsula of West Cornwall, he little realises that his analytical abilities will be tested to the full. On the very day of his arrival in the village of St Sampson, Bottrell's car collides with that of local incomer Melanie Pearson, with whom he strikes up an immediate rapport.

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Deadly Dating Games

Joanie Chevalier


When Julianna joins a book club for a good book and friendship, she soon realizes that the group's leader, Alyssa, has other, sinister plans. Soon, her and her new best friend, Bess, are intertwined in Alyssa's web of deceit, blackmail and murder.

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Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?

Kathryn McMaster


"Who Killed Little Johnny Gill?" is a fictionalised account of the true murder of a young boy in Bradford, England that is still considered today to be one of the worst British murders in England, despite the fact that it occurred in 1888 of Victorian Times. After the author presents the facts of this fascination English crime fiction novel, will you think William Barrett is innocent? Well, you will have to read the book to find out for yourself.

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Cold East (Aidan Snow SAS Thrillers Book 3)

Alex Shaw


‘Meet Aidan Snow, an ice-cold operative in a red-hot adventure. You won't be disappointed.’ - Stephen Leather, Sunday Times bestselling author of the Spider Shepherd series.

In Ukraine, MI6 operative Aidan Snow rescues a British national held by Russian insurgents.

In the United States, a terrorist attack is thwarted by a man who does not exist.

In Russia, a notorious Chechen terrorist escapes from the nation’s most secure prison.

And in Afghanistan, a Red Army soldier long given up for dead delivers a chilling message: Al-Qaeda has an RA-115A, otherwise known as a ‘suitcase nuke’.

As the connection between these separate events begins to become clearer, MI6 and the CIA must attempt to prevent the world’s first act of nuclear terrorism.

But who has the weapon, and what is the target?

Stretching from London to Langley, Virginia, from Afghanistan to Chechnya and the Caucasus, Intelligence services the world over must work together to foil the terrorist threat that lurks in the shadows.

The clock is ticking.

And you never know who you can trust.

Aidan Snow faces his biggest challenge yet, and if he fails, thousands will be incinerated.

Cold East is an international contemporary thriller, perfect for fans of David Baldacci, Chris Ryan and Tom Clancy.

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A Long Time Dead

Andrew Barrett


How much trust can you put in forensic evidence?

They discovered her naked body with a puncture wound to her neck and blood everywhere. And brutal though her death was, this was the second such case West Yorkshire Police had running. Both unsolved. Until they found that one elusive piece of evidence.

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Lazy Blood

Ross Greenwood


Lazy Blood

How far does your loyalty go?

Book description:

Will has drifted through life paying little attention to the decisions he made or the consequences of his action.

From his prison cell he finally understands how his casual descent into serious crime threatens to destroy everything.

Looking back over thirty years Will examines his friendships, the frailty of life and how your world can fall apart in the blink of an eye.

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Random Bullets

Joy Mutter


After shooting and killing his nephew, a gunman runs amok in a London park. What drives Edward to commit such atrocities? Who will survive yet another of his moments of madness? Set in Jersey, Cornwall, London, Manchester and places not of this world, Random Bullets is a contemporary crime thriller with a paranormal twist.

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Murder at the Lighthouse

Frances Evesham


What would you do if you found a body under a lighthouse?

Love Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries, cosy crime, clever animals and cake, and Murder at the Lighthouse, the first in a fun series of mysteries set in a small English seaside town in Somerset, is for you.

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Angkor Tears (The Angkor Series Book 2)

Steven W. Palmer


Cambodia, a country with so many shadows in its past.

Now there are new shadows.

Someone is killing children and leaving no clues.

It’s enough to draw journalist Dave Bell back to Cambodia after a plea from an old friend.

Bell puts together an unlikely team of allies and together they begin to unravel a terrifying mystery

Can they find the truth lurking in the shadows and stop a monster killing again?

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