Sam is a Void among mystics. She has only the power to drain others of their powers and this makes her an outcast in the Reservation society.

When Sam’s friend Becky disappears, she and Amber, an empath, begin to investigate. This brings Sam into contact with the vampire community, a group considered the most dangerous on the reservation.

Caught between her attraction to the mysterious Roman, her desire to find out what happened to Becky, and her debt to the vampires, Sam must battle to save what is left of her life.

Theme of the Book

Cornered Magic is a story of finding oneself and one’s place in the world. Despite her disadvantages, Sam is becoming a powerful figure who is caught in a dilemma. She must find the right path for her own future.

What I Liked About the Story

The world the author has developed in Cornered Magic is complex and well designed. Isolating all mystics on a reservation is an unusual idea and has great potential for intricate plotting and characterization.

Sam’s character is fairly well defined. The reader sees her as resentful of her father’s treatment and of her boyfriend’s attitude. She is ashamed of her lack of gifts, though the power she has as a Void seems greater than the powers of any other characters in the book. This is something of a contradiction.

Although the author tells us nothing of the origins of the reservation system, she has described it very well. Readers will be able to picture Sam’s environment and the stresses of living there. I wish there had been more development of the environment’s original purpose and the reasons for humanity’s fear and hatred of mystics.

Sam’s attraction to Roman is well written. There is a mystery there that will draw readers in.

What I Didn’t Like About the Story

Cornered Magic was an extremely short book with almost no background information given on either the characters or the setting. Reading this was like beginning a book in the middle. Readers are left with more questions than answers: why have mystics been isolated on the reservation; why are conditions on the reservation so poor; why is the captain so antagonistic toward Sam; if Sam is a member of a fae family, how do people know she is a Void? We also know next to nothing about Becky, the victim in the story. It would not have taken much to make sure readers had basic information.

The beginning of a romance between Sam and Roman, though well written, seems out of place in this novel. If it is simply a foreshadowing of what is to come in the next books in the series, it seems unfair to readers.

Final Say

Cornered Magic is a novella that has great potential and probably should have been written as a full-length novel. It has enough teasers to make readers interested in what happens next but not quite enough to make all readers buy the coming books.

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