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Couples who Kill: Elytte and Miranda Barbour: Case 1


A Shocking Thrill-Kill by Young Newly Weds with a Serial Killer Confession

Craigslist is a well-known and popular classifieds platform. Those who use it seldom think they could be a victim of robbery or scams. Worse still, fewer think by answering an advertisement they could be killed. With a seedier side to Craiglist, it had become a paradise for those looking for casual sex.

When married, forty-two-year-old Troy LaFerrara agrees to meet eighteen-year-old newly married, mother of one, Miranda Barbour in November 2013, offering him ‘companionship’ in exchange for money, he never thinks that he may be dead by the end of their meeting.

Yet that is exactly what happens.

Once caught, Miranda Barbour confesses to killing many more people. After 22, she says, she stopped counting. The body count could be as high as 100.

Is she America's worst serial killer or worst serial liar?

There are enough twists and turns in this true crime story that will have you second-guessing each fact as it is presented.

If you enjoy reading true crime books by Ann Rule, you will enjoy these books written by the bestselling author, Kathryn McMaster. Her research is meticulous and she presents the story in an unbiased manner.

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Kathryn McMaster

 Kathryn McMaster is a best selling author of true crime murders. Her debut novel was well received and she has gone on to write a very succesful series entitled, "Kids who Kill" looking at child murderers of all ages. If you enjoy books by Ann Rule and Jack Rosewood, you will enjoy these.

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