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Cursed: Legend of the Grimoire, Book One


Legend says there's a treasure hoard larger and more valuable than any ever seen on Syndraya. It's fabled as the wealth of an extinct race, concealed and enchanted, undiscoverable. Legend says no one is worthy of claiming such a prize, that the treasure is cursed, that it's destined to remain hidden forever. Legend is about to get a kick in the teeth.

Guinn McCabe is not just any pirate. His story will be one for the ages. He has a plan. He has the ambition. Now he just needs the damn ship.

In the pursuit of an eternal legacy, success is the only path Guinn will consider. Too bad legend is not cast off so easily.

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Leah Ross

Leah Ross is a freelance writer and graphic designer with a penchant for loud electronic dance music and sappy love stories. She has been writing and creating art for most of her life, with works published by the International Library of Poetry and NewType USA. After receiving her BS in Journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she started a family with her soulmate. Leah met her husband online and has been happily married to him since 2001. She believes that love should be unconventional, rules are negotiable, and age is nothing but a number.

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