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Damian Connolly

Damian Connolly


Damian hails from the hills of Monaghan, Ireland, and currently lives in Bordeaux, France, where he spends most of his time telling people that it *is* crazy that there's an Irishman that doesn't drink, but he still doesn't like wine.

Growing up, he spent most of his spare time reading, which causes a wonderful dilemma with parents, where, on the one hand, you can never cram too many words into a noggin, while on the other, if you don't put that book down and eat your dinner, young man - I don't care if you don't like it - I'm gonna fire that book out the window (windy, if you're from Monaghan).

Enamoured by video games at an early age (FF7 being the kickstarter for how it was possible to tell a great story through a game), he went and studied Multimedia instead, Ireland not having a games course at the time. While his friends were faffing around Asia and Australia, generally having a great time, he worked in digital design for print and web in order to save up for a Masters in Game Programming in 'Ull, England.

This kicked off a career making games for: PC; consoles; R&D; web; Facebook; more web; Facebook and web; Facebook, web, and mobile; before finally mobile.

An avid developer, he'll tinker at any language that'll let him near it, and has way too many side-projects on the go at any one time. Curiosity has cost him more than one night's sleep.

In early 2016, he decided to make good on a dream that'd been kicking around his head since he first started writing short stories; becoming an author. His debut novel, Shepherds: Awakening, was the result of that. All things considered; not too shabby.

He loves hearing from people, and you can get in touch through his website at Like what he writes? Get in touch. Hate what he does? Definitely get in touch. No idea who he is? Find out, and get in touch. Marriage proposal? Already spoken for, but get in touch.


Shepherds: Awakening

Damian Connolly


Aisling Shepherd finds herself in the fantastical world of Limbo, where anything is possible and the inhabitants are unaware that they're dead...and being fed on. Can she survive long enough to master her powers? Will she give up everything? Gut-wrenching, original fiction

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