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Daniel's Darkness

Taryn is a happy, outdoor-loving thirteen-year-old with a gentle, loving father.  But her tranquil life is turned upside down when her father dies, leaving her alone with her drug-dependent mother, who squanders the little that they have and moves them to a rough neighborhood outside of Chicago.  To make matters worse, Taryn's mom hooks up with her drug dealer, who moves right in and begins abusing Taryn.  Things can't get much worse for her.  Or can they?

When Taryn meets Daniel, her new neighbor that moved in across the street, his enormous body is bandaged from head to toe and he's recovering from an ambush that nearly killed him.   Taryn should probably stay away, but she's drawn to the qualities of him that remind her of her father.  But the better she gets to know Daniel, the more she sees that he's not only very different from her loving father, he's also carrying a terrifying darkness inside of him. 

With Taryn's home situation quickly deteriorating, can she somehow trust Daniel's darkness to save her or will it consume her as well?

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Dwayne Gill

 Dwayne Gill is the author of two short stories, "Cane's Detour" and "Daniel's Darkness". They both feature Cane and Daniel, two major characters in his series "Written By Blood." The first novel of the series will be released in late 2018. 

Dwayne Gill was born and raised in Central Louisiana. There he lives with his beautiful wife and his yellow Labrador Retriever, and will have his first child in August 2018.

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