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Dash Diet: 30 Fast & Easy Recipes for Beginners, Better Blood Pressure, Losing Weight and Better Health (Live Healthy, Speed Weight Loss, Stop Hypertension)


Use these Dash Diet Recipes to lose weight and eliminate blood pressure today!

The DASH diet or the Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension is a diet that is promoted by the US Based National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to prevent or control hypertension. Since excess sodium is one of the main causes of hypertension, the food that you consume on this diet is low in sodium. The added benefit of the DASH diet is weight loss.

Here is a preview of what you'll eat!

  • DASH Diet Breakfast Recipes
  • DASH Diet Lunch Recipes
  • DASH Diet Dinner Recipes
  • DASH Diet Snack Recipes
  • DASH Diet Dessert Recipes
  • And Much, Much MORE!

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