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Deadly Dating Games


Most of the women in the newly formed book club were simply looking for friendship, a good read and maybe even a few dating tips. Greed snowballs into jealousy and hatred and several women realize too late they’ve been roped into crimes that force them to flee for their lives. Alyssa: Cougar-complete with short skirts, stiletto heels and an insatiable appetite Bess: Desperate-looking for love in all the wrong places Julianna: Girl-Next-Door-low self-confidence and bad judgment leads her astray Traci: Cunning-determined to get what she wants, no matter who gets in the way Aaron: Is he part of the crime circle or is he capable of saving the woman he loves? BLACKMAIL. MURDER. ROMANCE.

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Joanie Chevalier

I have a pesky full-time job that interrupts my writing and of course, I wish I had more time. I love camping in my teardrop trailer and I have two adorable Chihuahuas.

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