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Death Toll 2: Hard Targets


'DEATH TOLL 2: Hard Targets' is a powerful, pulse-pounding, crime thriller anthology that brings together nine exceptional authors: Stephen Leather, Matt Hilton, Alex Shaw, JH Bográn, Stephen Edger, Liam Saville, Harlan Wolff, Milton Gray and Scott Lewis.

Hard Targets is a mission into the dangerous, deadly, elite world of cold-blooded killers, SAS troopers, KGB agents, private detectives, corrupt police officers, rogue robbers and ruthless revenge.

Hard Targets is the best short thriller fiction from nine of today's best thriller authors.

DEATH TOLL 2: Hard Targets includes:

'The Able Man' - An exclusive tale of a Ranger's ruthless revenge - MATT HILTON
'Kill Zone' - A classic Spider Shepherd SAS short story - STEPHEN LEATHER
'Kyiv Rules' - Crime, corruption & the Ukrainian Intelligence Service - ALEX SHAW
'Absolution Withheld' - A thief's strange encounter at confession - JH BOGRAN
'The Perfect Tonic' - A murderous tale of the unexpected - STEPHEN EDGAR
'The Commuter' - A writer & a serial killer meet -LIAM SAVILLE
'Bangkok Shuffle' - A Bangkok PI on the case of two scams - HARLAN WOLFF
'The Four Shades of Black' - A special police unit investigates a special crime -MILTON GRAY
'Widows Dance' - A Ukrainian militia officer unearths a shocking secret - SCOTT H LEWIS

Nine thrilling stories, nine thrilling reads. Death Toll 2: Hard Targets

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