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Downside Up: A Novel of Suspense (None of the Above Book 1)


Jenna's back on the roof again. But she's no longer a troubled child. This time she's hunting a killer.

Jenna Elson has tried to escape her troubled past, but her uncle's sudden death has brought her home to London.
The police have ruled the death accidental but Jenna's aunt is screaming murder. Wheelchair-bound and as formidable as ever, Aunt Clair urges Jenna to play their old game of "be my eyes" and search for clues from her childhood refuge far above the city streets.

Though Jenna knows every chimney and every dormer of those Victorian rooftops, the night landscape has changed. Renovations and skylights have made spying on the neighbours easier-even addictive-but navigating her old sanctuary has become treacherous: a killer lurks nearby and nowhere is safe.
When Jenna's sleuthing comes to a crashing end, leaving her memory damaged, she knows she's lost something crucial amid her brain's scrambled images. Dark revelations challenge her trust in those closest to her and danger is stalking her every step. But time is running out and Jenna must pull herself together before death strikes the final blow and takes everything she loves with it.

Downside Up, Book 1 in a trilogy, is a pulse-pounding psychological suspense. If you like character-driven thrills, lavish settings, and twists that will leave you guessing, then you'll love this addictive new series.

"The storytelling is fantastic. There's a wonderful blend of description rooting you firmly in each scene and character voice and action."

"A thrilling page-turner that leaves you wanting more..."

"Excellent, suspenseful story!"


"...her descriptions put you there ... exactly there!"

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jane Thornley

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