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Eden's Serum: Eden Series-Book One


After rising through the ranks of Identitech, Adam is on the cusp of immortality. With nothing to limit him, including finances, he purchases a life changing serum that will grant him just that.
However, not everything is quite as it seems. The Serum is creating android robots, and unnecessary lives are being taken in the greatest cover up the country has ever known.
Will Adam be the next victim?

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Angelique S. Anderson

Angelique loves adventure and fully believes in chasing her dreams. She is a singer and songwriter by avocation, an animal foster mom, and mother to four precocious little ones. Formerly a psychology student at Liberty University, she hopes to encourage others with her journey and passion for life. She is the writer of the Redemption Series, the Little Lost Girl series, and has several more books in the making. She is currently off adventuring in Stockton, California with her high school sweetheart.

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