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Elaine Hankin

Elaine Hankin


After spending several years working abroad, I settled in West Sussex between the sea and the South Downs, where I began my writing career. Travelling has greatly influenced my writing, and I like to describe different countries and ways of life. My characters are drawn from people I have met and grown fond of during my wanderings.

Where do I get my inspiration? Usually, a small incident will trigger an idea and then I can't wait to get to my keyboard. Sometimes I get to roughly a third way through a novel and find that I have written myself into a corner. However, a walk along the sea shore or a ramble over the Downs will usually sort out the problem. I am an avid reader but to combat the isolation of writing, I also enjoy dancing, going to the theatre and meeting with friends.


Footprints on my Doorstep

Elaine Hankin


Told from the viewpoint of Number Seven, the story begins in 1901 and gradually unfolds as, over the century, families take up residence in this Victorian house situated in a small South Coast town. The occupants experience a gamut of emotions which we experience with them. We admire Walter's stoic acceptance, we abhor Cora's animosity, applaud Sandra's generosity and despise Jasper's greed. And we share Hetty's heartache and Holly's happiness because Number Seven is privy to all their secrets and gradually reveals them to us.

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