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Emily and Magi: The Best Friends Magic Journey. An Illustrated Kids Educational Book, Children's Picture Book age 5 to 7


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Emily is poorly and has to stay in bed. She’s fed up and bored, but something very unusual is about to happen.
Suddenly magic bird appears. She explains that she is a student in magic school for young birds and she asks Emily for her help with a difficult task she has to complete.
This lovely children’s book teaches your child how to be a friend, how to help their friends and care for them. Also show them lovely watercolor drawings about other cultures and how they travel. With great pictures and an animated bird to entertain them it is sure to become a favorite before very long. With many images to color and write the names of the animals and objects at the end of the book, it delivers much more than just an enjoyable and captivating story.
This book is suitable for children between 5 and 7 years of age. This book is the part of the collection of short bedtime stories and activities for children.
Enjoy reading the story with your child. Hard copy version offers 8 images to color and write the names underneath. On Kindle version, your child will be able to type the names. Enjoy spending some quality time with your child! Your children will love going back to this picture book again and again!
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Sylvia Yordanova

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