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Eva Jordan

Eva Jordan


Eva Jordan, born in Kent in the UK but living most of her life in a small Cambridgeshire town, describes herself as a lover of words, books, travel and chocolate. She is also partial to the odd glass or two of wine. Providing her with some of the inspiration for her novel, Eva is both a mum and step mum to four children. Her career has been varied including working within the library service and at a women's refuge. She writes a monthly column for a local magazine and currently works as a volunteer for a charity based organisation that teaches adults to read. However, storytelling through the art of writing is her passion. 183 Times A Year is Eva's debut novel.


183 Times A Year

Eva Jordan


Although tragic at times 183 Times A Year is a delightfully funny exploration of domestic love, hate, strength and ultimately friendship. A poignant and heartfelt look at the complex and diverse relationship between a mother and daughter, including boyfriends, love affairs and hangovers, set amongst the thorny realities of blended and extended families and the high level of frustration that occurs when families are faced with teenaged-angst and mid-life crises all at the same time.

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