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Ever A Soldier: Reflections of a Veteran - From Horse Cavalryman to WWII to Vietnam


How does a soldier live with the inhumanity of war and survive to live in peace afterward? What came before in the lives of our defenders that allowed them to stand so strongly? Perhaps most importantly, what comes after as they strive to make new lives for themselves and their families?

Men like Philip Bishop may have the best answers. In Ever A Soldier, Lilly Robbins Brock chronicles Bishop's life from his game-poaching youth to his decorated military career and beyond-to his impending hundredth birthday.

In her compassionate retelling of Bishop's life and his twenty-year military career in unflinching yet human terms, Brock brings to center stage the persona of the soldier who helped the Greatest Generation achieve its rightful place in history. She tells Phil Bishop's story against a well-researched backdrop of the times, seamlessly blending the Big Picture with the ground-level saga of one soldier.

From the decisive WWII battle at the Ludendorff Bridge in Remagen, Germany to dodging a Viet Cong attack at Bien Hoa, Phil Bishop takes us into that special place of life and death called war.

As in her previous book, Wooden Boats & Iron Men, the author brings historical fact with the special insights of one who was there. The result is a genuinely compelling story sure to interest history buffs.

Sometimes, the brightest of lights come from ordinary men.

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Lilly Robbins

Lilly Robbins Brock and her husband live in a quiet country coastal setting on the Columbia River. She began her business as an interior designer in 1980, and has recently retired. Living in the country is the ideal environment for Lilly to pursue her lifelong desire to write. She also enjoys gardening, and realized her pioneer family’s planter blood is alive and well within her. Her book, Food Gift Recipes From Nature’s Bounty was inspired by the garden and orchard. Preserving the food evolved into the idea of sharing some of that food—the gift of food.

Lilly loves history and one of her passions has been researching the genealogy of her family. She was born and raised in Olympia, Washington where her pioneer family homesteaded in the late 1800s. She has been working on a historical fiction novel, Intrepid Journey, about a family in the 1850s traveling on a paddle wheel steamship from New York to the rugged Pacific Northwest via the dangerous South American route. It’s a revealing glimpse into the past of what life was like at that time.

Her book, Intrepid Journey, was put on hold when she discovered two letters written by her now deceased father while he was on the battlefront of World War II. The letters inspired her to find a World War II veteran still living and tell his story. She found her veteran and wrote Wooden Boats & Iron Men to honor him and all veterans.

She has now written a second World War II veteran’s story in her book, Ever A Soldier.

Lilly feels that every veteran has a story, and at least she has been able to shine a light on these two extraordinary men.


To stay tuned in to current and upcoming projects, please feel free to visit, or if you have any questions or comments, you may contact her at




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