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Everything To Lose: The chase is on... (A Lambeth Group Thriller)


Conspiracy. Espionage. Spy story.

While chasing down illegal sports drugs, Gavin and Zoe stumble into the greatest unresolved mystery of World War 2.

University researchers claim their new product will boost the performance of every athlete in the world. The Lambeth Group send a scientist, Gavin Shawlens, to investigate the claim.

The product is stolen, top athletes disappear, and the research team are unaware that their product has a dangerous side effect. Gavin must stop the product launch before more people die horribly. When Gavin disappears, Zoe Tampsin, from the Lambeth Group, must find him before he becomes the next victim.

As if Zoe hasn't got enough on her plate. Past events in Gavin's life catch up with him. A powerful US general has decided that Gavin must die to prevent exposure of a 60-year-old secret capable of world-changing and power-shifting events.

The chase is on…

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Gordon Bickerstaff

I was born and brought up in Glasgow, Scotland. I studied biochemistry in Edinburgh and worked in the University of Stirling, the University of Dundee and the University of the West of Scotland where I did some research and taught biochemistry. After thirty years of teaching and research and several academic books, I put down my academic pen and took up a fiction pen.

With a background in medical sciences, I write thrillers that have themes from the world of medical science. My first novel 'Deadly Secrets' was published in 2013, and was followed by 'Everything To Lose' in 2014. My third novel 'The Black Fox' was published in 2015. The fourth in the series 'Toxic Minds' was published in February 2016.

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