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Extracting Honey (The Honey Saga Book 3)


They were supposed to be safe!
Three years ago, Adam and Joni Carmichael were declared legally dead. With the help of the Witness Protection Program, the couple relocated to a secluded ranch in Montana, where they have crafted a quiet existence for themselves.
But the disappearance of a guest from their bed and breakfast, a wounded FBI agent, and his wife's kidnapping, dashes any plans for a normal life. Retired CIA agent, Tony Jefferies, aka Adam Carmichael, doesn't believe in coincidences. These events confirm someone from their past has entered their present.
A terrified and desperate, Agent Jefferies will need to follow a convoluted trail of evidence, buried secrets, and hidden agendas to bring his wife home and the kidnappers to justice.
What follows in this suspenseful romantic story is a series of events that can only be endured by the powerful bond of love. Extracting Honey is an enthralling and thoroughly satisfying read.

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J. L. Brandenburg

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